Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Social Studies Homework

Please have the 3 reasons and evidence for your debate topic done by tomorrow. (See picture)

Team A (AGAINST) Team B (FOR)

It is right, in some cases, to deny someone certain human rights. For example, denying a prisoner the right to vote in an election. Or to deny someone with a history of harming children, to live near a school. 

Team C (AGAINST) Team D (FOR)

We should be willing to give up some human rights to protect our country from terrorists. For example, letting the government track our cell phones and emails for suspected terrorist ideas or activity.

A – Hajime, Ayumu, Hyunwook, Eugene, Shotaro
B – Nina, Ewan, Ashley, Omer, Mucteba
C -Suchan, Rena, Louie, Sudina, Xavier
D -Kotaro, Lion, Marina, Yoshi  

This part of the worksheet!