Thursday, March 22, 2018

March Newsletter JNL

Dear G6 Parents,

The 2nd term has almost been finished.
JNL students got used to classes and they had an academic term.

In this month, we have studied those topics below.
-"Kanji hiroba 4"
There are 20 Kanji which they have already studied last year. They wrote a story with those 20 Kanji.

-"Choju giga wo yomu"
The pictures are called "Origin of Japanese Comic". The pictures helped to create Kami-shibai, Utsushi-e, animation and so on. After they studied this essay, they debated about "Whether we can watch animation at the school library, or not". After debate, they discuss what we learn from books.

-"Analyze of pictures"
After the essay, they analyzed a picture which is related with some books. They did brain storming, categorize, discussion and wrote a essay.

I have been focusing on self-management skills for G6 in this term, such as time-management, belongings management and so on. Recently, many students turn in their homework. And they organize their desk to be ready for study.
During spring break, they have a Kanji homework (No. 10).

I always appreciate parents for your support and care everyday. Because of your support, students can study deeply at my classes.
If you have any question or suggestion, please kindly contact me.

Warm regards,
Tetsuya Higa