Monday, January 22, 2018

Language Arts Literacy Week changes- Monday January 22nd

Please find below some updates for Language Arts class during literacy week. 

Since school has been cancelled for tomorrow (Tuesday), the following changes will occur:

The Class Spelling Bee will be on Wednesday Period 3.

The Speech Contest will be held Wednesday Period 4. 

There will be a second written spelling test on Thursday with the same words used in last week's test. Please find below the words: 

Improvise        boisterously
Sparsely           flabbergasted
Disengage         impeccable
Committee         fluorescent
Heralded              altitude
Geometry          hoarsely
Segregation          miracle
Instantaneous          contagious
Quantum                 claustrophobic
Annoyance              chimpanzee

Stay safe and warm!

Ms. Sarah