Friday, October 27, 2017

Japanese October Blog

Dear Parents,

JNL(Kokugo group)
In this month G6 students read 2 expository writings. The one was “Waraukara tanoshii” and the other was “Tokei no jikan to kokoro no jikan”. Firstly we summarized each paragraph to understand what the author wants to tell us. After that we learned making effective paragraph plan by thinking the composition of these writings. Lastly we thought about time and wrote a short essay with effective paragraph plan we learned in this unit.

Next month we will have a round table discussion to learn method of conducting discussions, how to express our opinion effectively and listen to other people talk about in the topic of “Touronkai wo shiyou”.

In this month we learned verb conjugation (dictionary form, preset affirmative and present negative), particles (を、で、に、へ), time reference (), Suggestion using (~ませんか) and frequency adverbs (まいにち、よく、ときどき).
For Kanji practice we use Kanji Daisuki texstbook 2. This textbook is for children who study Japanese as a second or third language. There are some pictures to understand the meanings of Kanji. It is fun for them to learn it.

Quiz on every Monday
We have a Kanji test every Monday.
We have a vocabulary test / Kanji test every Monday
Vocabulary tests are from Genki textbook unit3.

On Thursday students have a homework to practice Kanji for the Kanji test.
Sometimes they have a reading homework. When they practice reading it, please check and sign the reading homework sheet.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with me.

Ms. Shoko