Monday, September 25, 2017

Language Arts September Blog

Dear Parents,

Grade 6 Language Arts has had a great start! The Grade 6’s have become expert scrabble players by improving their vocabulary with a fun word creation game. They’ve learned about the many reading strategies and are learning how to use these to best improve their abilities. They’ve also shown some skills at identifying language features in songs, and have begun to understand how to write them in their own writing.

Our novel study of A Secret School has begun, and the grade 6’s are learning all about school in the early 1900’s. This story covers unique vocabulary, sentence comprehension and a different perspective on school.

Along with the novel study, the students are getting lots of writing practice in, as they attempt different writing skills and ways to improve their descriptive writing. They use such new skills as MOISPACE, the senses and have begun adding language features to their writing.

In reading, the students learn a lot about the world through a fantastic reading website called DOGOnews. Here they learn to infer, predict, question, make connections and evaluate the text, as well as many other reading strategies.

Overall, Grade 6 has had a wonderful start, and I've enjoyed getting to know each member of the Grade 6 team!